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Marybeth Fasano, DMD
Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Dr. Fasano’s Virginia Beach practice participates in most major PPO dental plans. We will always strive to give you an accurate estimation of your insurance coverage; however, we could never guarantee what your insurance company will do, so it is only an estimate. In addition, as a courtesy, we will file your insurance for you as well as advocate, on your behalf, to your insurance company. Because your insurance policy is a contract between you, your employer, and your insurance company, we are confined within the plan you have chosen. For more information about insurance and our practice, please contact us.

Smart Smile Membership Plan

Our Smart Smile Membership Plan is designed for patients without dental insurance to take advantage of quality oral healthcare at an affordable rate. We invite you to learn more about our plans for adults and children and how Smart Smile works as a viable alternative to dental insurance.

There is no such thing as a "CLEANING" in Dentistry

Although the insurance industry uses the term “cleaning” there is no code or procedure in dentistry corresponding to that term. Insurance Companies are using “free cleanings” as a way to sell their product.

  • If you have no signs of Periodontal Disease, then you are here for a Prophylaxis and this is what your insurance company sold you when they used the term “cleaning”. Approximately 30% of patients are healthy enough for this.

  • If you have Periodontal disease (maybe had Scaling and Root Planning done), then you would be here for Periodontal maintenance treatment. Approximately 70% of patients have some level of periodontal disease.

The ADA standards do not permit us to just do a prophylaxis if you have active periodontal disease.

Your oral condition dictates what we do – it is not a choice or decision that we make, but rather what condition you have.