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Marybeth Fasano, DMD
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Caring For Your Dentures

When you receive your full or partial dentures from Dr. Fasano, it’s important to heed home care instructions so they function correctly and last for years. We have provided these guidelines so you can take care of your dentures. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Virginia Beach office.


Protecting Your Dentures
  • Avoid chewing ice or other hard objects.
  • Brush your remaining teeth, if any, your gums and palate, and your tongue at least twice daily to prevent plaque and bacteria buildup. This helps maintain your dentures.
  • If food gets under your dentures while you eat, remove your dentures and rinse with water.
  • You can use dental floss and mouth rinses with dentures. Dr. Fasano can make recommendations.

Cleaning Your Dentures

  • Fill your sink with water before cleaning your dentures. This help protect them in case they are dropped by accident.
  • Use a denture brush and denture cleaner once daily on all surfaces of your dentures. If you need recommendations on denture products, Dr. Fasano can make recommendations.


Storing Your Dentures
  • You should remove your dentures before going to sleep.
  • While you sleep, use a commercial soaking solution periodically to keep your dentures free of odor and bacteria. You can use a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar for dentures with no metal parts. Be sure to rinse dentures in cold water before wearing them.

Denture Repair

Contact Dr. Fasano if you experience the following with your dentures:

  • If your dentures break, crack, or chip, or if a tooth loosens.
  • If your bite is not even, or if your dentures do not fit correctly.
  • If you have soreness, irritation, or other discomfort while wearing them.

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