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Marybeth Fasano, DMD
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Athletic Mouth Guards

Do you or your child participate in competitive sports that involve falls and bodily contact? Did you know that mouthguards help to prevent more than 200,000 sports-related oral injuries? No matter your age, it is important to protect your teeth with a mouth guard that is specifically tailored to you. There are several types of mouth guards, such as custom-made, boil and bite, and stock mouth guards. While boil and bite and stock mouth guards can be inexpensive, compared to custom-made mouth guards, they often don’t offer the full amount of protection your teeth require like custom-made guards.

Dr. Fasano can provide a mouth guard that can be custom fitted to your teeth, providing you with overall comfort and protection. She uses PlaySafe® sports mouth guards which help to provide athletes of all ages the highest level of protection.

Ranging in thickness from 3 mm to 5 mm, PlaySafe® mouthguards come in several different levels of protection, including:

  • Junior – Offers one layer of EVA (3 mm) material and is designed specifically for children with mixed dentition.
  • Light – Offers two layers of laminated EVA (3 mm) material and is designed for wrestling, volleyball, and mountain biking.
  • Light Pro – Offers three layers of EVA (3.5 mm) material and is designed for maximum comfort and protection for ALL sports.
  • Medium – Offers two layers of EVA (5 mm) material and is designed for soccer, rugby, basketball, and softball.
  • Heavy – Offers two layers of EVA (5 mm) material and is designed for baseball, football, racquetball, and martial arts.
  • Heavy Pro – Offers three layers of EVA (5 mm) material and is designed for ice, field and street hockey, kickboxing, and other heavy contact sports.

To learn more about getting your own customized athletic mouth guard, contact us today or request an appointment online.

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