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Marybeth Fasano, DMD
Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Are you interested in improving the brightness of your smile? Dental veneers are one option for repairing chipped or stained teeth. Learn more about all the cosmetic dentistry services available from Dr. Fasano.

LUMINEERS® are different than traditional veneers in the way they are manufactured and applied. A LUMINEERS® restoration is as thin as a contact lens and placed over existing teeth without removing the tooth structure. An ideal candidate for LUMINEERS® must have enough remaining tooth surface on which to bond the LUMINEERS® to ensure long-term results.


Like traditional porcelain veneers, LUMINEERS® restorations are an excellent cosmetic solution for stained, chipped, discolored, or misaligned teeth.

LUMINEERS® may also be used to close the space, or “diastema”, between a person’s teeth. In cases where teeth are slightly crooked to extremely crooked, they can be used to create an instant orthodontics effect.

When you come to our office for a consultation, Dr. Fasano will consider your unique dental history, overall health, personal desires and expectations, and her professional understanding of your particular situation to create a beautiful final result. Contact our Virginia Beach dental office today to see how Lumineers can help you, or request an appointment online.

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